Korean Adoptive Families (KAF) Han Ho, is an organisation made up of families who have children adopted from South Korea. The organisation assists these families in developing friendships in the adoption community and also within the wider Korean community. KAF Han Ho offers families opportunities to discover and incorporate aspects of Korean culture into their lives. A range of culturally based activities is conducted with the aim of increasing the children’s knowledge and awareness of their cultural heritage. 

Activities include -

  • participation in Korean cooking lessons, language and story telling.
  • attendance and involvement in a variety of Korean celebrations such as Lunar New Year, Children’s Day and Chuseok.
  • running of culture seminars through the assistance of members of the Korean community.
  • an annual camp for the socialisation of the children and their families.
  • opportunities to attend playgroups with children adopted from a variety of countries.
  • fundraising for Eastern Social Welfare Society, South Korea, the organisation which facilitated the care and adoption of our children.
  • social opportunities for adolescent adoptees and their parents.

KAF Han Ho families are always looking to increase their contact and friendships with members of the Korean community. Many of the children and their families attend events run by the Korean Language School of Melbourne and the Korean Society of Victoria.


Download our Accessing Korea in Melbourne booklet here.

Download our DOL First birthday booklet here.

Download Dr Kim's prayer to families leaving Eastern here.


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